Beautiful Silver Fox Rabbits - $65 (Madison Heights)

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We raise heritage breed rabbits, and one of our favorite breeds that we focus on is the super sweet and gentle Silver Fox. They were developed for a meat and pelt rabbit. Sadly, at one point, these beautiful rabbits were endangered and now are slowly making a strong comeback as awareness builds and more breeders are taking an interest in the breed. This should be the last year on the watch list of breeds, let's keep this breed strong in population. The does can get to an average of 10 to 12 lbs, while the bucks average at 9 to 11 lbs. Their fur is different from any other breed, as when you stroke their fur from tail to head, it stands up until you brush it back the other way. Also, as they reach about 4-8 months, a beautiful silvering of their coat comes about. Does usually are heavy milk producers and are very good foster moms. Silver Fox have a variety of colors: Black (most common and showable), Blue (the dilute of black and is in the works to being accepted as a show color), Chocolate (showable and gorgeous), Lilac (the dilute of chocolate, not showable), and not as common White and Torts, not show colors.

Currently I have available:

Pairing # 1 a trio
Sire: Caspian - Chocolate (DOB 2/5/23), very sweet and gentle boy, PROVEN
Dam: Chloe - Black (DOB 4/19/23), excellent mother, PROVEN
-this pairing has had a successful litter together before. Chloe's last litter, she had 9 and raised all 9 wonderfully. She has had 4 litters total: 10, 9, 5, and 9, and she has rarely ever lost one. She weans her last litter May 14th and this pair will be ready to head to their new home after that.
Dam: Petunia - Black (DOB 2/6/23), a very good mom who has had 2 successful litters, PROVEN.
Her first litter she had 5 and this last litter she had 7. Has not lost any kits. Her last litter will be weaned on May 13th, after that this pair will be ready to head to their new home.

Pairing # 2
Sire: Baby Blue - Blue (DOB 4/19/23), a beautifully nicely silver blue buck that is proven.
Dam: Slate - Blue doe (9/30/23), she had an opps litter and has shown to be an EXCELLECT mother. She is also very sweet and cuddly and would make a good breeder or an emotional support pet. She will lean into you and rub foreheads and noses with you once she knows you. Asking $65 for her as well. She will be ready to go as soon as her Oops litter is weaned June 3rd.

Pairing # 3
Sire: Duke - Blue (DOB 10/30/23)
Dam: Josephine - Black (carries REW) (DOB 11/27/23)
Neither one of the rabbits has been proven yet.

Pairing # 4
Sire: Raoul - Black (carries REW) (DOB 11/27/23)
Dam: Cinnamon - Chocolate (carries REW) (DOB 3/2/24)
*this pairing are half siblings and are a project litter for those wanting to try to get some REW in their Silver Fox litters. Neither is PROVEN!

Does should not be bred before 8 months old to allow all their energy to go into growing and maturing.

ALL my rabbits are purebred and pedigreed!

1 rabbit - $65
2 rabbits or a breeding pair - $120
3 rabbits or a trio - $180

OTHER rabbits available:

Windshadow - Black doe (12/22/22) showable but NOT a good mother. She cost me $85, I am asking $65 for a pet home or maybe someone who is interested is showing but not breeding. She is worth passing on because of her sweet and gentle nature, she will cuddle and let you hold her.

I also have several litters being weaned this week. The primary color available will be Black, but I also have some blue, Lilac, and Chocolates available or coming available very soon.

I am no longer going to be listing each individual rabbit with their pictures. PLEASE CONTACT ME WITH YOUR REQUESTS, I will do my best to send pictures and put pairs and trios together for you.

LOCATION: We are located in Brunswick County, VA but transportation is available a couple times a month up to Madison Heights area!

I have recently started a FB page for my Silver Fox Rabbits and will be posting pictures and videos on there occasionally as well, look up Silver Fox Delights on FB.

If you have any additional questions, please text me 6:30am til 8:30pm (only text, calls are automatically blocked) or email me through Craigslist. If this ad is up than I still have rabbits available. Silver Fox rabbits are not the only breed I work with, and Rabbits are not the only animal I work with on my homestead. Please allow me 24 hours to get back with you. I will do my best to get pictures of a specific rabbit for you that you may be interested in, but once again, please be patient, I work the homestead, and I homeschool. My family and animals are my priority. Please be respectful, and I will do my best to answer questions and pictures as soon as I am able. Thank you.

Have a Blessed and Wonderful day/night.

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