Sorcerer For Hire: Help with Business, Love, Unpleasant people (LYNCHBURG)

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Do have a new business idea you're trying to pitch to investors or a promotion you're after? Is there somebody out of your league who's eye you'd like to catch? Has someone ripped you off, and been smart enough not to leave you with any way to seek recompense? Does it just feel like how hard you try in these areas there's some invisible wall that stops you dead in your tracks, some cosmic bureaucrat slapping down any attempt to get what you want?

What if there were a way to rig the game of life in the other direction for a turn or two?

I have studied and practiced the occult for over a decade, and I have turned my life circumstances around through it. I have deeply immersed myself in a number of different ancient magical techniques and traditions for years at a time, and achieved results for myself and others in all of them. What I am able to do on your behalf is several cuts above what you can read about in the wicca section of your local bookstore.

If you were interested enough to click on this ad I'm willing to bet there something in your life you'd like to have that seems out of reach, some impending crossroads in your life that you'd like to impose some certainty on. I'm not going to try and pitch the reality of magic to you, (but isn't it funny how even atheists are scared to try doing it?) if you've read this far you're definitely in a spot where you wish you could just pay someone to make something out of your control go your way. Why not try, since you feel so strongly about it? It's a non life changing amount of money for a potentially life changing result.

I have a range of services available in the above mentioned areas. Prices will be determined on a case by case basis, based on how much material and time is required. If interested, please respond with a paragraph or two about your situation, and I will get back to you about what options I have.

All services offered are firmly within the law and protected under the first amendment, and should not be construed as being, or being a replacement for, medical, legal, or psychological advice.

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